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Benazir Bhutto Democracy Fellowship Program -2010
Benazir Bhutoo
CPCS announces a 3 months (August-October and September-November) Benazir Bhutto Democracy Fellowship Program for 2 cohorts comprised of 2 fellows from four sectors i.e. academia, media, politics and civil society. The fellows will be selected through an open, transparent and competitive selection process with in the age limit of 25-40 years. The fellows will develop their research proposals on any democracy and Sindh related themes and they will be guided by a panel of experts and Executive Director of CPCS who is a well known scholar and Reagan- Fascell Democracy Fellow. Benazir Bhutto Democracy Fellowship Program will promote knowledge about democracy and Sindh related issues among young scholars and they will work in Resource Center of CPCS in Hyderabad. The research papers produced by the Fellows will be published in quarterly journal “FREEDOM”

The aim of the CPCS Fellowship programme, is to give young scholars, writers, researchers and practitioners from all over the province of Sindh a better understanding and appreciation of the political research. Through this experience the Fellow will gain knowledge and modern research methodology. It will also facilitate the Fellow to develop an extensive contact network with NDRI, in Washington DC.

It is expected that the Fellow will exhibit his/her intellectual/academic commitment to strengthen democracy, provincial autonomy and democratic federalism in Pakistan based on 1940 Lahore resolution.
Target themes
  • Deficits of Democracy in Pakistan
  • Federalism and Provincial Autonomy in Pakistan
  • Indigenous Rights
  • Human Rights
  • Rule of Law and Good Governance
  • Issues of Peace and Pluralism in Pakistan
  • State of Political Parties in Pakistan ( Key focus on Sindh)
  • Role of Civil Society in Pakistan ( Key focus on Sindh)
  • Conflict Resolution in Pakistan ( Key focus on Sindh)
  • State of Women in Pakistan ( Key focus on Sindh)
Terms of reference
The Fellow will be working in the CPCS’s Sindh Resource Center under the guidance and supervision of the Executive Director, for a period of 3 months. The Fellow will contribute to the research work through:
  • assisting in planning and coordinating research activities related to trainings and capacity building activities with CPCS alumni;
  • conducting substantive research on selected themes in Sindh assigned to him/her;
  • contributing to the mainstreaming of the research work regarding democracy, federalism, provincial autonomy, rule of law, human rights etc indigenous rights ;
  • writing a research paper/ reports based on study, reviewing literature and consolidating information on best practices and lessons learned from research;
  • maintaining contact with local, national and international institutions and assisting them as appropriate;
  • assisting to organize and implement seminars, workshops and/or training activities on research at the local, national, regional or global level, as required;
  • other related duties as required.
The Fellow will also receive periodic briefings on the research tools and methodologies and information on relevant thematic issues. These briefings will be conducted through cross-Branch consultations and cooperation.
The candidate should have:
  • direct experience working in relevant subject/field which meets the internationally adopted standards and academic practices;
  • extensive experience working on political and civic issues, nationally, regionally and, ideally, internationally.
Knowledge of the democracy and participatory systems will be considered an asset.

The candidate should have at least 3 years of professional experience of working in an any academic or civil society organization which includes NGOs, political parties, media etc. He/she should be fluent in English, Sindhi or Urdu, while knowledge of other local or other UN languages is considered an asset.

Candidates should also have a supporting letter from their respective institutions and be committed to imparting the knowledge and experience obtained during their fellowship to colleagues within the CPCS and SDRC upon their return.

The Fellow will receive financial support from CPCS in the form of a monthly stipend 15000/- during the fellowship.
Selection process for 2010
Interested candidates should submit their applications, i. e. CV and the letter of recommendation from their respective institutions, directly to: Mr. Jami Chandio, Executive Director, CPCS (e-mail address:, no later than 25th July 2010.

Subject to availability of funds, the Fellowship program will have 4 Fellows in 2010.

For any further information, kindly visit the Internet site:

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CPCS is member of the �Network of Democracy Research Institutes� (NDRI), and it is the second organization from Pakistan after PILDAT which has got formal membership of world�s largest network of democracy research institutes.
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